• Mary Spicer

Cricut, Cricut

Hi everyone, hope this finds you all well and safe.

Todays card is made using an SVG file. For those who don't know what this is, it stands for Scalable Vector Graphics. Put simply it is a graphics file that enables me to create this card and for my cutting machine to do all the cutting out for me whilst I get on with other crafting jobs.

I cut this file on my Cricut Explorer Air 2 which cleverly places all the individual sections onto individual mats. I find this very useful as it enables me to choose to cut just 1 of each sections or multiples of each section to batch make this card for my shop. When you choose to do multiples of each card or section it lays out each element onto cardstock thus saving on cardstock. For example I was able to get 4 of the Noel in white on each 12x12 piece of cardstock. As it was the first time cutting out this particular card I chose to cut it once to see how it came out and I'm very pleased with this.

It's such a simple but elegant card for Christmas. Here is how I made it. First I cut out - or rather my machine did! - the card base which also scored along the centre to create the fold. I then cut out 2 matts, 1 in kraft card and another slightly smaller in white. Then the Noel matt in kraft card was cut, followed by the Noel in white was cut. Finally I cut the Poinsettia twice. After everything was cut I started with the Poinsettias. Each flower consisted of 3 groups of petals each slightly smaller than the others, and using wet glue I layered these on top of each other to create 2 flowers. I put these to one side to set. I then glued the white matt to the kraft matt, and then the white Noel to the kraft Noel again with wet glue. I chose wet glue as it gave me wiggle time to get the layers straight. Now to put the card together. First using wet glue I placed the matt layers onto the card, making sure these had a nice border on the card base, then I placed the Noel layers onto these, again using wet glue and getting the greeting as central as possible. I then added the Poinsettia flowers with some foliage. I thought the flowers were plain so placed a red gem in the centre of each.

I really enjoyed using my Cricut to cut out this card for me and have already cut more to put together another day, but next time I am going to use some sparkle on it too so watch out for part 2 of my Noel card.

That's all from me for today.

Stay safe

Mary & Rupert.

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