• Mary Spicer

Weekend Wonder!

Hi everyone and hope this finds you well.

Todays post is a floral vase made using my Cricut Explorer Air machine. For those who don't know what that is, this machine uses SVG files to cut an array of shapes and images out of cardstock, paper, vellum even fabric to name a few and with these cut pieces I have been able to make this paper flower vase on canvas.

Isn't it beautiful, and so easy to do.

The materials i chose are light cardstock in a range of pinks and reds for the rolled flowers, a plain canvas, self adhesive vinyl and overhead projector sheets. Plus the cutting file from jennifermaker.com. It is a free file but you do need to sign up for the password to access this file plus loads of others. Jennifer is such a talented lady and is so good at teaching how to make a range of home decor items, many of which i aim to show you here.

I started by cutting out loads of the flower svgs in my chosen colour. I chose hues of red and pink but you can go wild and do blues, purples, yellows whatever you want. Using my quilling tool for the first time, I rolled these flowers to form the buds and glued them using my hot glue gun. As you can see from the picture some are smaller than others - I kept these tighter than the others. I then cut out the leaves and using a scoring tool scored down the centre of these to add a realistic look. Next i printed out the vase file using the OP sheets - there is a choice of 3 different colours. Finally I cut a sheet of green self-adhesive vinyl into 3 to 4 strips to mimic the stems of the flowers.

Before sticking everything down i played around with the layout of the vase and stems and put these down first, making sure that they were at the bottom of the canvas so i would have room for all the flowers. Next i played with the flowers making sure that i did not have too many of each colour in one area. When i was happy with the layout I stuck the flowers down onto the canvas with the hot glue gun and finally filled in the gaps with the leaves.

That's all for today and I hope you enjoyed today's project.

Mary x

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